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Here are just a few of the positive things people have been saying about
the Austin Acupuncture and Wellness Clinic of Jian-Hua Mu.

"I believe professor Mu is the master of acupuncture among his peers. I donít say this lightly because acupuncture and Chinese Traditional Medicine has been a tradition in my family for generations. I can recognize a great one when I see it. His style and needle technique uniquely blend with a full knowledge of Chinese Traditional Medicine is a rare jewel.

My arm, shoulder blades and the scapular bones have been aggravating me for more than a month. I felt heavy on the left side of my upper body and I couldnít lie down or sleep for days. Advil or Tylenol PM didnít help. But when Professor Mu applied one needle on my arm and one on my head, and manipulated them, I felt an instant relief. And I didnít feel a thing when he inserted the needles. Within three treatment sessions, my pain was gone and I felt like a feather. I highly recommend professor Mu for any alternative medical needs."

Huynh Quang Ngoc, Ph.D.
Buda, TX

"I have been going to professor Mu for many years and our relationship began when I was searching for a solution to migraine/sinus headaches that would allow me to keep working. The process has been an educational one for me, I have a bachelorís and masterís degree in science so I approach my own healthcare with questions and want to understand what I can do to prevent bad health and with the minimum amount of medication.

With professor Mu the relief is instant and you can go right back to work. Throughout the years I have successfully been treated for headaches, high blood pressure (I no longer take any medication), a sagging eyelid, and a nervous stomach. If you are wondering if acupuncture is the solution for you, make an appointment and spend some time with professor Mu.

If the price or the fact that your insurance does not cover acupuncture is keeping you from making that appointment, add up the cost of your medications and ask yourself what is my health worth? You owe it to yourself to make that first appointment; I know that you will be pleasantly surprised."

Sadie Pack

"Professor Mu is one of the few people I have come to know, to admire and respect as a friend, a professor and most of all, a wonderful healer.

Over the years I had been studying at Texas College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I have observed many of Professor Mu's treatments where his patients got instant relief that seemed like miracles. I am very sure many students observed and feel the same as I did. He is very famous in the school for being the best and the head of the school's acupuncture clinic.

One incident happened to me back in September 2006, I had a painful tennis elbow that irritated me for months, and I couldn't straight out my arm and lift up anything, even a book. I had tried different modalities to heal myself without success, Professor Mu cured my elbow in one acupuncture session, after 3 days the pain was mysteriously gone and I have had no tennis elbow ever since. Up to this day I still could not explain why, all I can state is the treatment worked like magic!

To me Professor Mu is a very humble, gentle, caring person. He has demonstrated not only competency and mastery in his field, but also a loving care for his patients, and his students. No wonder he is truly a great doctor, a gifted healer."

Thanh Dinh - Cedar Park, TX

"I have been seeing professor Mu in the Bee Cave area for about one year and can honestly say he is an expert in his field of healing. Heís an amazing practitioner with great skill. I was impressed with professor Mu after my first visit with him.

Professor Mu has done wonders helping me through menopause. When my friends and family tell me about their hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings I canít identify with them. He has helped me so much Iím not even aware that my body is and has been going through a change, thatís how easy menopause has been for me. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine is amazing for treating women and helping with menopause. I have literally breezed through it.

My digestion, energy level, sleep, mental clarity and over all confidence have all improved since I began acupuncture with professor Mu. I highly recommend professor Mu as a TCM practitioner. He is gifted in his work as an acupuncturist and Chinese medicine. Heís caring and concerned about you and your well being for a better healthier, happier way of life. His office is located in the Westlake area on Bee Caves Rd. Itís a very clean, relaxing environment where you can feel safe to take your loved ones. I donít know what I would do without professor Mu. He is the best acupuncturist!"

Buda, TX

I have been a patient of Dr. Mu for over a year, in which time he has treated me for several different problems with tremendous success. Fortunately, I have found some amazing healers in my life and Dr. Mu is one of them.

My first experience with acupuncture was with a chiropractor in New York who studied acupuncture with Dr. Worsley in England. She is the best of the best. She treated me for a year with acupuncture, herbs, and chiropractic, and by the end of that year, I could bend my head to read a book, ride a bike, walk as far as I wanted to go, and my dyslexia had disappeared.

Occasionally I have a recurrence, triggered by stress or overexertion and since I have moved back to Texas, have been hard pressed to find anything to completely alleviate the pain, until Dr. Mu treated me. With a combination of acupuncture and herbs, he eradicated the pain in two treatments over the course of a few days, whereas before, it would take two weeks of massage therapy to just make the pain tolerable.

Dr. Mu also treated me while I was pregnant with my first child for prenatal issues such as prenatal diabetes, anemia, and high blood pressure. Since I was a ďnew mom to be,Ē I was very hesitant of putting anything into my body that might affect my baby, but I had complete faith in Dr. Mu. His knowledge of Eastern and Western medicine is extensive, as he is also an M.D. in China. Dr. Mu is conservative and gentle with his treatments and seeks out the root of the problem in order to cure it completely, not just to manage the symptoms. He lowered my blood pressure and decreased my diabetic symptoms such as the edema and elevated blood sugar within two treatments. At that time I also had pre-existing depression and he also helped me manage that with acupuncture and herbs that were safe for the baby.

After I gave birth to a bright, healthy baby, I also saw Dr. Mu for postpartum depression, night sweats, and insomnia and saw an immediate change in my energy and symptoms. After the first treatment and one week on the herbs, my sleep was greatly improved and the night sweats had mostly subsided and were gone by the third treatment. My insomnia was gone by the fourth treatment. By the fifth treatment I can say that the fog has completely lifted and I am no longer depressed. Though I felt remarkably better with each treatment, I can now say that I am healed. I now realize now that I had been depressed for two years, and if I hadnít seen Dr. Mu for the physical symptoms of my pregnancy, I still might not be able to leave the house due to that depression. I honestly believe that Dr. Mu saved my quality of life in so many ways.

I am so thankful and lucky to have met some great doctors in my life. They are rare. As with any therapy, it is very important to find the right practitioner to administer the medicine and I am a great fan of Dr. Mu. He is a brilliant doctor of both Eastern and Western traditions, who has an extremely gentle, but powerful technique. He was a perfect complement to my MD, DC, and my OB, as he understands the charts, the pharmacology, and can read the x-rays. Most importantly, Dr. Mu is a kind and genuine person who really cares about his patients. He honestly wants to help and heal people - that is his bottom line.

Jill A.
Austin, TX

I first began treatment from Dr. MU last summer. I went to him because of pain I was having in my left leg. This problem had been previously diagnosed by another doctor as sciatica originating in my lower back. The previous treatment involved a bunch of medication that basically did not work and made me feel terrible while I was taking it. I went to Dr. Mu on the recommendation of my osteopathic doctor. The treatment That I received from Dr. Mu was helpful from the beginning, although it did take over a month before I saw real improvement. At that time I was getting treatments twice per week, and when I begin to improve the changes came quickly. I still go for treatments for various other ailments which are not related to the sciatica. And those are improving nicely, also. In fact, I have improved so much that I am back to working very hard at my job and practicing martial arts better than I have been able to do for years. Thank you, Dr. Mu

Robert Stevens

I am a female in my late twenties and was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis 5 years ago. I have been through many treatments, none of which have worked for an extended period of time, or even at all. I have taken Probiotics, Asacol, Lialda, Prednisone (steroid), Flagyl, cortifoam enemas, and Rowasa enemas. At my worst I was going to the restroom having diarrhea over 25 times a day, and have had to have many blood transfusions. After my last colonoscopy my gastroenterologist told me that my colon was so diseased that I needed to have it removed. I wanted to try one last thing before I had to have surgery, so I contacted Dr. Mu. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Dr. Mu and his practice. After seeing him just a few times I noticed great results. I had more energy, was going to the bathroom less and all around felt better. I would recommend anyone to give acupuncture with Dr. Mu a try.

Deana Rich
Dripping Springs, TX


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